APICS CLTD Coach is Available

I recently passed the APICS CLTD certification exam. The score was OK, but passing is passing. It’s like I tell my golf friends. Doesn’t matter how you got the par, there is no room for pictures on the score card.

As a life-long learner I have also developed a passion for sharing knowledge with others. As I prepared to take the CLTD certification exam I took note of things I did and ways I focused in an effort to hopefully help others achieve their professional goal of becoming CLTD certified.

My first step was acquiring the CLTD learning system (http://www.learncltd.com/) from my local chapter and reviewing the content, 4 books covering 8 sections and 864 pages of reading pleasure. Yes 864 pages. But anyone who has taken a goal setting class knows, you eat an elephant one bite at a time. By celebrating small success along the way, you are more apt to move forward. To help manage my expectations and workload I created a mind map to 1) help me manage the workload and 2) visualize the learning plan road map.


If you are familiar with mind maps you know it is one of many tools to facilitate learning. A mind map is a visual outline I use to help link concepts and terms. We will have more discussion on mind maps in future posts.

If a goal for you in 2017 is achieving APICS CLTD certification I hope you are able to glean bits of knowledge from this site.

I look forward to your questions, comments and learning about your journey.